“So, what do you want?”

Life leading up to birthdays and major holidays and events can get pretty repetitive, so I thought I’d take some of the hassle out of things for everyone. Below are a selection of things that I’d be overjoyed to receive should you feel that way inclined.

Books – Amazon.co.uk Wishlist: Here is my book wishlist. It is pretty extensive and has been built up over a few years so has a reasonably varied range of titles… sort of. OK, so its mainly crafting, but at least its different sorts of crafting!

Plants: I’m still on a gardening binge. I’ve cleaned the shed, weeded the wall edging, Zeroed the pavers and re-poisoned the irksomely persistant robinia (which still refuses to die and I’m getting very tempted to let it live). I am trying to create a fully edible garden out the back (much to PSWCs dismay, he wants pretty things), and a beautiful flowering garden (as per PSWCs request) out the front. Herbs, veggies and anything fruiting or edible is more than welcome, as are pretty flowering things for the front. I’m also hunting some pretty succulents¬†for my kitchen window so I can stare at something other than colourbond while I’m washing up. Oh, and anything carnivorous.

Trail of Painted Ponies: OK, this is something completely frivilous, but totally droolworthy. I don’t really collect anything special, some badges from places I have been, a few thimbles and antique silver knick knacks, but these I think I would very much like to have. I think they can be termed ‘art’, sort of like prints of paintings, but in 3D horse shapes :) I know they are completely useless and probably just dust collectors but there is something about them. I particularly like Super Charger and Copper Enchantment. ¬†Unfortunately these are all scarily pricey even if you buy from the Aussie distributor, so unless you owe me a massive favour or feel incredibly guilty, purchasing anything from this range will in all probability make me feel awful.

Lip Balm: Bored now, need new flavours. Anything fun that is a flavour which doesn’t end in “berry” would be met with squeals of approval. I’ve had my eye on the buttered popcorn and chocolate frosting on eBay… ;)