The space between. Vast and absent all at once.

Something sneaks around in the dark, moving pieces of the world here and there while I sleep. I wake to find I am not where I expected to be.

There was once a silent promise made over pieces of a broken heart, that I would wrap the space around me like the finest of furs, draped in the most exquisite of nothingness. Safe. A promise, both required and abandoned long ago, I regret both making and breaking. No doubt I’d regret having kept it too. There was nobody but me to hold me to it, and when it fell about me, not really anyone to blame. Sometimes it is best for the pie crust to crumble. Sometimes it is safe.

It will hurt. There is no way to avoid it, though I seem to be trying regardless. It will shatter me into a thousand tiny shards and grind me under its heel once more, and yet I cannot regret one moment. A beautiful mistake that I would make over and over again. Grateful, to feel everything all over again.

To feel.

Eventually, I will feel again.