*tap tap tap*

Is this thing on?

I’m not really sure what I’m doing here. Blogging, obviously, but why here? After all this time, I thought surely it would make more sense to start with a clean slate. Why do I even need a blog when I have Facebook and Twitter and any number of social apps on my phone? Who would bother to read a blog these days anyway?

I rolled these ideas around in my mind for weeks before finally deciding to dust the old girl off.

Why here? Because even though this isn’t the secret haven that it once was, it is still my little corner of the internet. It is like an old pair of ugg boots that you just can’t bring yourself to replace.  So much of me is here, and even though I have changed a lot since I last posted, the person that stuck their thoughts to the walls of this little hidey hole, she is still me.

Why do I need it? My head is a badly managed interchange of thoughts and emotions that spend their days whizzing around my mind, leaving glittering trails or tyre skids or sometimes no evidence that they were ever there at all. I need a thought depot. I need a place to empty out my head, reorganise my ideas and feelings and whatnot, and send them back to work in a calm and orderly fashion.  It’ll be my ‘brain away from brain’

Who would read? You know, I’m not sure I really mind that much if nobody reads it. I used to be very interested in clicks and comments but now I think I’m just happy to have a place where I don’t have to worry too much if I accidentally offend someone, or if I have a vastly differing view on a world event. If I want to babble on about a particularly shiny button I found on the road, and I might, that is okay too. Nobody has to read it, and if you do, you now know what you are getting in to.

Stay or don’t stay.

I just need a place to spread out, take myself apart, shine up all the pieces, and put myself back together again, over and over.

It is nice to be home.

[I am still running around pulling the dust cloths off everything and the electricity won’t be connected until next week so if you see broken links or missing photos anywhere, I’m working on it :-)]