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Ahh language, what a complex beastie you are. The place whereunusual and ye olde fashioned words go to wait for to be completed.

Word Of The Day #11

Ahh America. Home of the brave and land of the really long and obscure word.

Absquatulate – to make off, abscond

Bafflegab – incomprehensible or pretentious verbiage

Hornswoggle – bamboozle or hoax, cheat and swindle

Give it a try, just see if you can use one in a sentence this week.

“hey, think fast buddy, the new guy is about to absquatulate with your coffee cup!”

Word Of The Day #10

carnivorous = eating flesh

insectivorous = eating insects

Both of the above are very useful words. I mean, you require words for those behaviours. What worries me is the sheer number of individuals that must be participating in the following behaviours for them to warrant their own word.

paedophage = eater of children

exophagy = cannibalism outside one’s own group

endophagy = cannibalism within a tribe

Anyone got any more tasty terms for me?

Word Of The Day #8

Never let it be said that I don’t provide colourful language.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to use the following 3 mild curses in your everyday life… preferably without letting on that you feel totally rediculous.




You may or may not choose to chew a pipe while uttering these glorious old curses.

Word Of The Day #7

Ahhh, there is simply a plethora of words to choose from, and I think I have raised the bar a bit too high with entry #6.

Nevertheless, here is another word to extend your vocabulary.

Alectryomancy: divination by watching a rooster gather corn kernels

Cockadoodledoo? Or maybe Cockadoodledon’t?

Word of the Day # 6

What practical use has it?

I mean, it sends people rolling around laughing, but can you actually use it in a sentence?


The state of being bread

Yes, as in the yeasty baked good.

Use it in a sentence tomorrow, and then come back and tell us how.

Word of the Day # 5

A lobotomy is cutting parts of the brain, and zootomy is the dissection of animals. Both are perfectly good words for perfectly obscure acts (assuming you aren’t counting the carving of roast chicken, then zootomy becomes way too common)

Who on earth came up with this word?

The cutting of a beard

Either someone was bored and thought they would spice up their morning stubble-removal exercise or they were really attached to the hairs on their chinny chin chin.

Word Of The Day #4

Ahh, the possibilities! So many words to choose from!


Someone who walks around without shoes

It doesn’t specify if the person is doing so by choice or out of necessity, but its quite a good word all the same.

“Don’t be a nelipot, go and put some shoes on and lets go!” has a certain ring to it, don’t you think?

Certainly one for all the Flybabies out there.

Word Of The Day #3

Inspired by a conversation had with Mr Monkeyburger over hotpot on Wednesday, here is the word of the day:


The fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth.

I didn’t realise this was such a widespread problem. Fortunately there is treatment available.


Crisis averted.

Word Of The Day #2

Dinner conversation at the hens party turned to fun-to-pronounce English words, so I thought we could compile a list.

The words that came to our dinner party were thermometer and ventriloquist

I’ll add discombobulated to the list.

To throw into a state of confusion.

So what can you add?

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