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Bean A Bit Busy

I admit it. I love beautiful things.

Most people will try and deny it, but I’m all for embracing my desire for all things to be perfectly pretty. After a trip to the local boutique stationery place, I was even more for embracing it. I was also for spending a small fortune on printed papergoods, fancy notepads and that snazzy tote bag they had in the window. Of course, beauty does not come cheap and I just couldn’t justify spending the price of a small car on a few very attractive pens.

Still, the lady wants what she wants…


…and so the lady creates it from stuff she finds about the house.


Not bad for some old food containers and a bit of wrapping paper, hey?

Shameless plug

Guess who is a clever little clogs?


Was there ever any doubt?

Well, obviously there was some doubt, otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten quite so excited! Wickedly Chic has featured one of my creations in it’s Daily Ditties section. Hooray! I made something fashionable!

OK, so it hasn’t translated into move Etsy lovin’, or any sales, but I don’t care. I’m just kind of pleased that some random person out there likes what I can do.

Card Shark

I walked into the newsagent and made a beeline for the racks of comforting DIY magazines. I picked one up and flipped through the pages slowly, delaying the torture which was to follow. With a hard swallow and all the courage I could muster on half a slice of toast and a cold cup of tea, I put down my friendly magazine and walked purposefully into the card aisle. Hundreds of mass-produced, glossy printed, gold embossed paper harlots started out at me from their neat little melamine racks, and I knew then and there that this was not a place I wished to frequent.

And so I came home and made my own.

It isn’t that I don’t like bought cards, I actually find them quite interesting. Art, humour, touching prose, and all on a piece of 5 x 8 cardstock. That takes some serious talent but, for the most part anyway, it takes very little thought on the part of the buyer. These days, your garden variety Hallmark card is a borderline anti-thought, and an expensive one at that!

There is glitter and punch-outs from here to next week, and I think I may have embossed a small smudge on the table but I can rest easy knowing that, for the next little while at least, I won’t have to buy another boring old greeting card.


Round the Twist

This is the latest in my “I wanna do it but can’t afford to do it well. Stuff it I’ll do it anyway” beady endeavours.

A bracelet made with my very first Cellini spiral.


It is in desperate need of better bead cones, and chunkier strung beads, and something other than hideous metalized plastic for accents, but its not bad going for a few hours and some leftovers. A bit of tweaking and it might even pass for something that could be worn in public.

WIP Weekend #2


This week has been rather hectic.

PSWC has decided his purpose in life is to get me out of bed at a reasonable hour in an effort to get me to bed at a reasonable hour. What is so unreasonable about 4am I ask you? So every morning the doona is rather unceremoniously removed from my person and I’m forced to get up and start my day like everyone else.

I don’t like it :(

But, as with most things, there are definite benefits. The most important one being that my days have almost doubled in length, allowing me to fit twice the amount of time-frittering activities that I would have ordinarily been able to accomplish.

I’ve cooked.

I’ve cleaned.

I’ve Ebayed.

And now, I’m knifty knitting.


These are going to be fingerless mittens for my Mum. A few years ago, presumably as part of some plot to ensure I’m always on my toes, she moved Mother’s Day. Thankfully she only moved it to my Nanna’s birthday but all the same, when you shift something like that its just begging to be overlooked. Recently she spotted the lone black fuzzy fingerless mitten that I’d made last year and decided that she really wanted a set of her own :)


Now I can spend less brain power on gifts, and more on remembering exactly which day they should be presented on.

Are you feeling horny, baby?

I am.

Wanna see?


Isn’t she just gorgeous!? That there is my Milka Moobox, and yes it is a fully functioning computer.

In fact, that is my only computer. I’m typing on it right now. :)

I started working on it some time in 2005 while PSWC and I were living with my folks. A pot of glue and 2 metres of cheap fake fur later and there was no turning back. I was hooked.

This being only my second case mod and my first furmod I hadn’t really anticipated the time it would take to complete, nor had I counted on the fact that every time I needed to drill something that I would have to drag all the computing guts out of it lest I fry its little silicon brain.

And I definitely hadn’t counted on being offline during such procedures! *gasp*

So progress on the Moobox has been slow.

Very slow.

But tonight we made headway. A tail on the rear and two shiny polymer clay horns up top. Those horns have been haunting me for months. I had a lovely set of ex-plastic viking helmet horns donated to the Moobox cause a while back and I just couldn’t get my head around how I was going to a) make them more durable and b) attach them to the box itself. As fate would have it the horn donor dug me out of that rut with an off-hand comment about a headband.

Voila! The horn earmuffs were born!

They all velcro on and off for easy travel to and from LAN gaming days. Easy peasy!

Of course there is still a lot of work to be done on the Moobox, as evidenced by that giant gaping drive bay in the front of it, but I’ll get there eventually. She really is a fantastic little workhorse er, workcow of a machine so I have some time up my sleeve.

Who knows, I might even retire her to light duties sometime soon and…

wait for it

… get an udder one!

geddit? huh?


Every so often my computer crashes.

Equally often I decide that its a brilliant time to scurry about and back up my very important files. This leaves me with mountains of very important disks full to the brim with files that really should be filed somewhere else. Mostly its a really daft method and you’d think after so many years I would know better, but in its own way I quite like my system.

Its exciting!

I never know if I’m going to get financial spreadsheets or photos of my grandmother’s funeral or vitriolic podcasts on the use of gadgets in horse training.

While hunting a picture of Mr Submissive, my little estuarine hermit crab, I came across some crafty projects that I completed right before my last frenzied back up session.

What do you make for your 2nd cousins that you maybe see once a year and know diddily squat about?

That’s right! A felt chicken ornament!

Well, I really only made the one felt chicken, the other kids got a random choice of a gingerbread man, a heart and a star. The year before I had delivered a selection of lollies and chocolates but it didn’t seem quite right to take the easy road two years running, so last Boxing Day I combined the much-loved tasty morsels with a handmade ornament. Of course it does up the ante for next year, I think this has exhausted my lolly gift quota for the next decade or so.

Yet another snazzy beaded bead, this time in caddis weave and based on a pattern from an old Bead & Button. This one is my favourite so far of my bead beading adventures, I’m thinking of entering it in one of the upcoming local shows later this year. Its probably a bit weird to win but it does look eye-catchingly snazzy so you never know.

So there you go. A few little titbits I thought I’d lost forever.

There are still a few disks labelled ‘back up’ laying here that have yet to be fully explored, so I may unearth even more little treasures before the month is out.

Fingers crossed!

Beaded Netted Loops

I’m getting my bead thang on! Ordinarily I wouldn’t have bothered with this type of project, it looked frighteningly reminiscent of the Brenex paper chains we used to make in primary school, but I saw a scrummy example of it on Lilly’s site and figured I’d give it a bash. In keeping with Lilly’s take on the project, I even went out and hunted a suitable glass bead to use as the toggle closure.


I have to say I’m really very happy with it… other than the fact that it makes me want to sing Deck The Halls every time I look at it. Even with the blue is does have a touch of the festive about it.


While making this, I started pondering on a topic that has probably entered the mind of most crafters at one point or another.


This bracelet is very almost bead for bead exactly as the magazine pattern describes, and according to the publishers this means that I cannot use it to make money. Fair enough too, someone has gone to a lot of trouble to design it and write up a tutorial.

But what of the technique? When reading the pattern it is hard to know where the technique stops and the design begins. Is it the netted circles? Is it the netted circles used in a chain? in a bracelet? in that bracelet only?

Now I do occasionally design my own pieces from scratch, but very often I’ll use something else as a springboard either for motif or technique or general concept. It is usually so vastly different from the ‘original’ that I’ve never really thought about who owns it. Very rarely will I make something ‘as written’ and even the one above has a few tweaks here and there, including the beads themselves. Thing is even I know that changes, be they big or small, don’t necessarily make any difference. With some techniques though, there are very few things you can do differently other than vary size and colour, so where do you stand with those?

So, I hunted out some answers. OK, so its not like I paid some super dooper copyright lawyer, but its not a bad starting point.

Copyright for hobby crafters
Copyright for professional crafters

Ahh brilliant, clear as mud.

Oh well!

The tortoise and the hare

Well, sort of.

It goes on something hairy?

It has been a while since I have picked up a bead. Recently I have been feeling very disconnected from life in general and decided that it was about time that I made an attempt to weave myself back together. And so I dug out my bead box, shook off my crewel needles and got going.

Last year I went on a trail ride with some good friends, and one of the horses insisted on going around with his head between his front hooves, leaving him shaped somewhat like a Galapagos native. This beaded browband was originally made in honour of that day.


The full view

The rosette detail

The rosette detail

The pattern detail

The pattern detail

I’m not too sure about it. I would have rather redo it with more black and with flags coming off the rosettes, but I was way too impatient. I still quite like it, but I think I’d have liked it better in black. :)

It is going to be my back up piece for the agricultural show circuit this season. The workmanship is good in all but one place, so fingers crossed it’ll pass muster if I do have to use it.

After that, well, does anyone have a s-l-o-w warmblood?

Just call me Old Granny Dishcloth

I knit.

Well, somewhat. I started in February and have had little sporadic knitting sessions from then on. And of course, as all chronic craftaholics do, I went overboard on buying supplies and gear. 4 bags of wool and counting, not a bad stash for someone that has so far only done garter stitch scarves!

Well, ALMOST only garter stitch scarves! Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the dishcloth!


Yes, I know it is lop-sided and I know you can buy them for $2 a pack at the supermarket, but that is not the point. This is a gift for PSWCs grandmother, who sat down with me and patiently taught me to do purl stitches while we were visiting in May. I wanted to show her that I can manage but I wasn’t really up to doing a whole scarf. I thought a dishcloth was a nice compromise, albeit a tad ‘domestic’.

And pale lime green, what was I thinking???

Now, if any knitters are reading this and can explain why the first five rows of garter stitch look so much less than the last 5 rows of garter stitch, I’d be much obliged.

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