I thought it might be about time that I put fingers to keys and told the world a little bit about moi.

And a little bit is all you are getting you greedy devils, I’ve got to preserve at least a skerrick of mystery and intrigue.


This is a nice up-to-date picture. All geeked up, complete with sexy librarian glasses and blue jeans. No teapot though, it really should have a teapot. I am a tea addict. I am not fussy about caffeine levels, just gimme some hot water and dried leaves and I’m set. My current favourite is remarkably boring; a plain black tea blend sweetened with pine flavour honey. Its strangely comforting.

Seeing as tea is a frighteningly variable drink when out and about and can be anything from warm water with the merest whiff of tea leaves to something that would make even the laziest teaspoon stand up straight, I’ve been trying to convince myself that coffee is a worthwhile beverage. I’m now up to two cappucinos per week and I really think there is no stopping me.

In an attempt at completeness I also like beading, animals, and long walks on the beach where someone helpful picks me up at the other end so I don’t have the long walk back.