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A New Look

Somehow I’d convinced myself that this site could wait. Another week, another month, until I was really truly ready to get stuck into it. I have plenty of other things on my plate and who still reads this tatty old thing anyway?

Well, apparently two people. Both of them chose last week to give me a good old butt-kicking and told me in no uncertain terms that I was to start writing again. Not next week, not next month, but rightnowthankyouverymuch.

Who am I to argue?

A small trailerload of pharmacy-related comment garble has been evicted from the database. Every little button and dropdown box has been checked, rechecked, and set to awesome. I’ve even given the old girl a new frock. Scruffy. A bit of a leap from the red Barron, but I really think it brings out her eyes. Yes. This blog is a girl. Be honest, deep down you always knew.

So, nothing for it. Time to start blogging again.


  1. Alex

    *is proud to be a ‘butt-kicking’ force in this endeavor :) *

    Though i have been telling you to update it for months :P

  2. greenwords

    Good on those two people. Love the new frock. Fab to see you back here again.

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